The Southern Illinois Resource Guide is updated and available with a NEW search feature!

This guide is a compilation of local resources for counties in Southern Illinois, and is created in partnership with the Southern Illinois Continuum of Care and the McKinney-Vento Homeless Program (Area 6).

We have seen this resource grow quickly with the help of active partners, and we are very excited to continue that growth in this new way! You will still find a printable version of the updated resource guide, and you will also find a NEW search feature.


Please share this news with anyone who will find it helpful, and note that this continues to be a resource that is IN PROGRESS. If you would like to contribute to our guide with new or updated resources, please check out our Resource Guide Submission Form.


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Crisis services mental health substance use; Group videoconference available
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Informational resources on addiction recovery during higher education is a free, privately-supported website that’s editorially independent. This enables us to bring you unbiased, accurate, and fact-based information on a wide range of issues. Hundreds of experts, educators, advisors, and consumers have been interviewed during the production of our original content. Our content is also periodically checked and reviewed for accuracy. Our ADDICTION RECOVERY DURING HIGHER EDUCATION guide will cover which substances pose the greatest risks to young adults, the potential consequences of being caught, and how to get better. If you’re a student struggling with substance abuse, you can get help even while you attend school. Business hours: 10am - 6am EDT Monday to Friday
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Foster care services

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